Marketing activities attract potential customers to a company but it is the quality of customer care that keeps them out.

Winning Lifetime Customers demonstrates how effective customer care systems and a solid customer care ethos can ensure that customer relationships are maintained, resulting in a lifetime of profits.

There are three key customer care strategies central to this book. If you follow these simple concepts you will delight your customers and increase your profits.

  • Never lose a customer
  • Turn casual customers into regular customers
  • Treat all customers as though they are potential lifetime customers.

Written in practical, accessible language Winning Lifetime Customers discusses the essential importance of instilling an ethos of customer care into the workforce. The book is based on examples from around the world, features many instructive case studies and provides a workbook section at the end of the book to enable the reader to develop their own effective marketing and customer care action plans.

ISBN: 1 901657 67 1

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“Winning Lifetime Customers should be required reading for a host of Irish firms, many of which have no idea how to deal with customers effectively. His 10 secrets of customer care spell out simply what many companies fail to grasp despite their grandiose mission statements”.

Paul O'Kane, Sunday Tribune

“The book is a must for any company that is serious about developing a customer care ethos. The book features examples of WOW customer care from around the world as well as case studies.”

Direct Marketing Magazine, Summer, 2001.

The more our world focuses on the short term, the more true it becomes that business success depends on winning customers for life. The book is a how-to, hands-on guide to achieving just that. Senator Feargal Quinn, Superquinn. Marc’s goal was to share his vision of customer care with others in a practical, easily understood format just like his seminars. He has done just that!

Jack Black, Founder of Mindstore

It is not often that a book comes along which not only brings us back to basics but takes us forward with some innovative thinking as well. … will certainly make essential reading for all my colleagues in the Company.

Pat McCann, Jury's Doyle Hotel Group plc.

This easily-read book looks at how to keep customers. Thornton uses numerous examples (many Irish) and research to show that customers can be retained if a company practises a sound customer care ethos.

From Business Plus magazine

It is rare to see a book that tells you how to do it and gives suggestions on improving customer service in your organisation. The ideas contained in this book really work and, most importantly, customers will notice the difference. It is a book you can pick up and read quickly from cover to cover. Alternatively you can read it in sections as it is clearly signposted and indexed for easy access.

There are some innovative models devised by Marc that are very interesting. In particular the “Customer Loyalty / Satisfaction” model which describes the different types of customers (“lifetime”, “trapped”, “sleepers”, “promiscuous”) and also suggests strategies to convert them to become loyal customers.

From Marketing News magazine

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