Marketing on a budget – 10 tips (most free)

September 25, 2014

Marketing on a budget!
By Marc Thornton, DTA Marketing

1. Core communication message- “Pillars”

Choose 3 words to describe what you do – benefits driven (not services provided) that can go on business cards / proposals / brand / signage. A key benefit is that all staff have the same message when presenting to prospects.

2. Email signature

This is an opportunity to send a message to all contacts (in every email) completely free. Use the space under your logo and address to give a message – pillars, services, special offers, news or even a motivational quote.

3. Esurvey

It is very prudent to ask your customers for feedback and by communicating with them you are keeping in touch and perhaps reminding them of the services or products you provide. A few simple rating question and some open questions could trigger a call to you for advice or a purchase! Use or which are free.

4. Email Direct marketing

Email your database with special offers. Include info in the main body of the mail copy or separately a PDF brochure. Make sure the offer is clear in the header and main text. Challenge is to get the recipient to open the email

5. Ezine

An electronic newsletter is a very efficient and effective way of communicating to all current as well as past customers. Do collect and keep email addresses and make sure you get permission from new contacts to keep in touch. A few non promotional items and informative news will ensure it is read.

6. PowerPoint presentations

Printing brochures can be expensive. Have a PowerPoint presentation ready to show potential customers on your laptop. Use pictures / images of your business, quotes from delighted customers, logos of customers, key features of your website (use screen grabs), show videos – if hosted on your website use the links, close with benefits and USP’s – tell them why to buy from you. All staff can use the same presentation.

7. Flyers/ Business cards

Use both sides of your business card – reverse for benefits / “Pillars” / services/ product range. A 3 fold DL brochure can be designed and printed at a very reasonable rate Use opened page – page 4 – to highlight the benefits. Images and photos are important. Use your own staff in the flyers rather than stock photos. Testimonial quotes are very powerful. Sometimes a PDF can be hosted on your website.
8. PR

It may be possible to get coverage in local papers or radio at no cost. However it will take time and effort as you will need to devise interesting and challenging stories with interesting headings to get noticed. Always include a well taken or professional photo. Less promotional and more factual stories will get you coverage. People always look at the pictures! Spend time devising a catchy and interesting headline.

9. Networking

Generally it is a modest cost to attend. Bring business cards or brochure (3 fold DL idea as fit in jacket pocket or handbag. Do “butterfly” about the room and don’t get stuck! Avoid customers, colleagues and friends until afterwards. Get the attendance list if possible. Have some targets for the event – collect cards, distribute your brochure, meet a specific person, reintroduce yourself etc. Plan to follow up with interesting people you have met – copy of article, reference for great website and do follow up. Connect on LinkedIn the next day. Ask them can you send them your newsletter.

10. Social Media

No cost to post but very time consuming. You may need to set limits for yourself and colleagues as time slips away. LinkedIn ideal for networking, finding targets, promoting the business and demonstrating expertise with posts. Facebook suits consumer products. Policy / strategy needs to be clear in advance for staff (and yourself) otherwise time is wasted. SM is growing in usage but it keeps changing and therefore its value to a business must be constantly monitored.

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